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and thereby explicitly mentioning my radio amateur call sign "PA0NHC" as the original writer / designer / photographer /publisher.

This is a HAM service which in general does not generate, but COST me money !
It is an important part of my hobby and keeps me busy serving you.
Please help me developing new projects by ordering these very nice PCBs.

In schematics i sometimes do NOT give component values.
Component lists will always perfectly coincide with PCB layouts. Placing of components will be without problems.

Why ? Some of my designs were (without my permission) copied old versions, and sold cheaply using wrong components. But still directing to my site or my email address for all info ! No thanks. 

20201220 :
I do not sell any completed PCBs anymore. Reason : my declining health and component-in-stock costs.

HOW to order PCBs.
More info about what you get.
Pa0nhc PCB catalog.PDF

Carefully RF-designed PCBs in perfect quality.
Prices and availability can change without notice.