pa0nhc / lz1aq wideband receiving loop antenna system.
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Youtube video presentation : Wide Band receiving loop.

The secrets of Common Mode Chokes revealed.

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3x N- busses
in good electrical contact with the outside of the housing.


    RX             PWRin
BNC busses
in good electrical contact with the outside of the housing.

The properties of the antenna amplifier.

The properties of the antenna in relation to the amplifier noise floor.

The properties of the coax transmission line, installing CMCs, grounding and results.

The properties of the splitter.

How to prevent "Pin1 problems", ground loops and cable related noises.

The amplifier schematic. 20200204

The splitter schematic. 20200108

Drilling and tapping holes. 20210911.

Construction details and testing. 20200201.

Total component list. 20200905.

Component locations on the amplifier PCB. 20200104

The software settings for a calibrated Smeter.

External HPF / LPF filter.

How to de-noise an external power supply.

How to block mains related noises.

PCB service.